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Why should you invest in TRNC?

Having a developed infrastructure, North Cyprus has the most attractive location for investments. TRNC not only has work environment quality but also provides various investment incentives for direct investments. With its small but fast-growing economy, North Cyprus offers numerous economic advantages to local and foreign investors.

Political standing in North Cyprus is a vision of achieving a solution and European Union. With the positive political progress in the island, it is expected to have important developments in investment climate and investments.

Starting a Business:

Incorporation procedures in North Cyprus can be completed in 3 weeks the maximum. Companies located in foreign countries can open a branch in North Cyprus with the Cabinet approval and can establish an International Business Company where international operations can be carried out via North Cyprus and a Free Port Region Company where operations can be carried out in Famagusta Free Port Region. Additionally, foreign investors can establish a local corporation by the approval of TRNC Companies of Registrar.

10 Main Reasons to Invest in TRNC:  

  • 1.Geographical Location
  • 2.Historical Richness
  • 3.Fast Growing Gross National Product
  • 4.Positive Employment Demography
  • 5.Republic of Turkey Support
  • 6.International Support Funds
  • 7.Tourism (Island Country)
  • 8.Climate
  • 9.Education
  • 10.Agriculture