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Consultancy on Merger & Acquisition and Project Management

In today’s economic conjuncture, company partners make an approach towards merger and acquisition to liquidate their rising business value and to accelerate the growth of their company. Although there is a significant increase in number and expansion of these operations, a great majority of these operations do not meet the expected valorisation for investors. Despite the fact that there are many reasons causing this situation, the most important reason is the mistakes made by project managers during merger and acquisition management. Therefore, creating the highest valorisation in merger and acquisition projects requires working with professionals who are highly experienced and has technical information.

With its professional staff who are experienced and has a high technical capacity, North Face provides support to create the utmost valorisation in merger and acquisition projects.   

Services we provide as North Face:

  • Examination and preparation of operating activities
  • Sector Analysis
  • Creation of marketing plan and preparation of marketing documents
  • Identification of strategic or financial candidate investors or target companies
  • Making the first contact and visits to candidate investors or target companies
  • Preparation on operational and financial models
  • Firm Valuation
  • Planning operation structure, terms of payment and timing
  • Management of Due Diligence process
  • Coordination of auditors consulting in process, lawyer and other operational consultants
  • Negotiation and preparation of term sheet needed for closing operations, partnership agreement and share transfer agreement