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Consultancy on International Finance

It is not a very realistic approach to expect companies to limit their economic activities and income sources in a single country’s geographical borders under today’s economic conditions. To make their economic operations permanent and provide sustainable growth, companies become a nation by importing and exporting abroad and making direct investments abroad. However, it is very difficult to develop a finance system as per foreign country structures and it should be planned very carefully. Although companies operating internationally have experts speaking a foreign language well, it is impossible to find staff who have comprehensive knowledge of finance markets of relevant countries and finance systems. In such cases, we provide you with technical and scientific consultancy and offer measures to run the company’s finance system healthfully.  

Taking the advantage of modern techniques and developing unique financial models, Dubai based North Face offers suitable solutions by analysing the financial structure of your company.

Services we provide as North Face:

  • Developing Financial Procedures of the Company
  • Research on Credit Facilities
  • Development Studies on Company Credit Rating
  • Research on risks which company assets are exposed to and risk management planning 
  • Analysis on foreign exchange gap positions and hedging studies

Analysing risks the company is in in the sector and conjuncture and risk management planning