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Mehmet Saydam, co-founder of the company, was born in 1978 in Nicosia. After graduating from Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Business and Economics in 1999, Mehmet Saydam moved to Turkey and started working in a holding company as an accountant where he later won the examination held by the company and went to America for master’s degree. Saydam has worked as a public accountant and consultant in companies and holdings in Turkey until 2008 and returned to TRNC in 2008 and established the North Face Company.

North Face aims to give the most quality service to its customers since the first day of its establishment. With its broad customer profile both in Turkey and in TRNC, 5 offices and more than 60 subject matter experts and headquarters in Dubai, North Face provides consultancy on international finance, law consultancy, consultancy on general budgeting, consultancy on productivity management, consultancy on corporational investment, consultancy on tax planning, consultancy on company establishment and management abroad, consultancy on strategic planning and consultancy on general accounting.   

North Face Success Stories:

  • Privatization of Esgaz, gas distribution operator, in Eskişehir
  • Privatization of İzmirgaz, gas distribution operator, in İzmir
  • Akdeniz Electricity Distribution Company, electricity distribution operator, in Mediterranean
  • Privatization of BEDAŞ, electricity distribution operator, in İstanbul, European Side
  • Privatization of Çamlıbel Electricity Distribution, electricity distribution operator, in Sivas, Tokat and Yozgat provinces
  • Privatization of Uludağ Electricity Distribution, electricity distribution operator, in Bursa, Balıkesir, Çanakkale, Yalova provinces
  • Privatization of Cyprus Turkish Oils
  • Privatization of TRNC Ercan Airport
  • Merger and Acquisition in Turkey and TRNC

Some Companies in Customer Profile of North Face: