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United Kingdom

United Kingdom is a European country which can produce affordable energy for itself with natural gas and petrol sources in the North Sea. As it has a strong infrastructure, it can easily adapt to global economic and technologic changes. With its developed seaports, airports, overgrounds and undergrounds and by means of other transportation, United Kingdom provides foreign investors easy import and export opportunities between Africa, America and Asia continents as well as other European countries. United Kingdom, also known as the Financial Centre of Europe, offers advanced Banking and Insurance services to its jobholders. The corporation tax ratio is very low in comparison to other industrialized European countries. To encourage foreign capitalized investors, 2014 tax rate for companies with tax basis of more than 1,5 million STG is decreased 2% and reduced to 21% when compared to 2013.  There are high investment allowances for investments made in industrial zones and tax exemptions on real estates bought for industry and commerce.

There is no need for being a United Kingdom or European Union citizen to start a business in United Kingdom. In comparison with past, starting a business in United Kingdom has become easier with Ankara Agreement. Turkish citizens have the right to establish a company and be a sole trader in United Kingdom within the scope of Ankara Agreement.

How can we help as North Face?

If you are in the process of establishing a business in United Kingdom, we can provide all kind of technical information on preparation of necessary documents in compliance with legal procedures, preparation of feasibility reports before the making the relevant investment and make situation-specific tax planning to help you to evaluate every opportunity for a healthier decision. After investment or carrying out commercial activities after the completion of start-up procedures, we offer comprehensive services on accounting, tax, auditing and general consultancy.